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Shroud of the Ancients Roleplaying Game
Gaming Accessories
Basic D5 Destiny Dice Set for Shroud of the Ancients D5 RPG

These are the dice you need for the Shroud of the Ancients Roleplaying Game. The five piece basic set includes four blue and one red d10 with 1-5 numbered twice on each die.

DTP002 - $8.99

Two-Sided Chessex Battlemat 34" X 48"

All the battlemat you'll ever need. This huge 34" X 48" gaming surface is two-sided with 1 inch squares on one side and 1 inch hexes on the other.

DTP005  $34.99
Deluxe Gamescience D5 Destiny Dice for Shroud of the Ancients D5 RPG

These Precision D5 dice are all you'll ever need to play the Shroud of The Ancients Roleplaying Game. Since they are not tumbled, like most brands, the edges are sharp and precise and designed to roll true every time. The numbers are impressed in the plastic and should be hand-inked with white (as shown).

DTP003  $14.99
Gaming books, dice & gear
Over two centuries ago, Terrath's second moon shattered and fire fell from the heavens. Ancient Empires and vast kingdoms that had once stretched across the known world were wiped out in a single day. A chosen few were selected by the gods to survive inside the sanctuary known as Aegis. As they struggled to adapt, they were unaware of the savagery that existed beyond their borders. But now, as overpopulation and a limited food supply have caused the Great City of Av'Talen to become a symbol of corruption at the heart of the realm, the shattered and deadly lands of the old world call out like a beacon to those who crave power and yearn for freedom.

Shroud of the Ancients is a dystopian fantasy roleplaying game that focuses on character interaction without sacrificing the excitement that you crave from tabletop gaming. Based on the newest incarnation of the D5RPG system from Dark Tavern Press, The Adventurer's Guide to the World of Terrath features complete rules for creating and playing your own dynamic characters that live and breathe adventure in the world of Terrath.

When you begin playing the Shroud of the Ancients Roleplaying Game, you will be utilizing a classless, levelless rules set that doesn't constrain your creativity, along with a flexible magic system that frees your imagination to shape your own destiny. Get ready to join the ranks of dedicated fans who have embraced the D5RPG system as their own.
This Premiere Edition (essentially our playtest release) of the first book for the Shroud of the Ancients D5RPG, The Adventurer's Guide to the World of Terrath, will get you into the heart of the adventure as quickly as possible, including:

a comprehensive character creation process that includes the attributes, skills and distinctions to help you define the experiences that shaped your adventurer.

12 diverse and detailed races of peoples to choose from.

extensive chapters devoted to equipment, combat and interacting with the world.

an adaptive magic system designed to change with your character's needs and desires.

Staedtler Wet Erase Battle Mat Markers Set

Quick-drying, water-based, nonpermanent ink won't bead or smudge

Water-soluble ink can be wiped off using a damp cloth

Also great for crafts, graphic arts, photography, lab work or print shop. Fiber-tip pen features a polypropylene barrel and cap with a clip to attach to notebooks, pockets and more

DTP009  $8.99
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